Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sewing the diamonds together

I thought I would start off with a little hexagon block that I came across in my scrap book of things I like. This little hexagon block is so charming and I wonder what the quilt must have looked like!

So today I thought I would talk about sewing the diamond hexagons together. The first step is to lay out your diamonds.

My natural tendency is to place the darks in the centre.

I always try the other arrangement to see what happens and in this case I prefer the alternate arrangement so that the centre is open and airy.

I will sew the diamonds together in set of three.

I start my stitches at the outside edge on the left side.

I sew towards the centre at which point I take one extra stitch.

I open up the two diamonds and place the third diamond on top. I put the needle through the point of the new diamond and go through the point of the diamond on the left. Once I've taken that stitch I continue sewing the remaining side.

This is what the three diamonds look like when sewn together.

I repeat these steps with the remaining three diamonds.

I place the two halves of the star with right sides together and sew from the outside edge toward the middle. I take my stitch through the matching points being sure to pull the thread snug.

I then take a stitch through the next two points again being sure to pull the thread snug.

I go back to the first two points and take one more stitch being sure to pull the thread snug. This is the step that will ensure that the centre points are sharp and tight.

I now continue stitching to the outside edge. And here is the finished star! 

In an upcoming post I will show you how I fill in the outside edges with more diamonds to create a hexagon! The post on drafting diamonds is also in the works.

I'll leave you with three more Lazy Punk blocks!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Thanks for the hand stitching tutorial. I like your steam punk blocks. Great fabrics.

    1. I'm glad you like the tutorial and hope it was helpful. And the lazy punk blocks are so much fun to make! It is a great way to experiment with fabric, colours and prints!

  2. What a delightful combination of fabrics. Great colours and very interesting designs.

    1. Thank you Barbara! As I said to Dolores it is a great way to experiment with colour and print; the design is very well suited to large scale prints!