Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Caught in the act...twice and progress on Hexagon and Blue Star quilt

So the rotten cat was caught in the act having a nap on Lazy Punk! We've had words and he is in his own bed.

I've never made him a quilt so maybe if he had his own he wouldn't be so interested in my quilts. I'll give it some thought. Maybe a quilt made of Puss in the Corner blocks!

Yesterday was a busy day so there was no sewing but I've had a productive morning (hence the lateness of this post) and I managed to get all of the rows of hexagons sewn together so Hexagon and Blue Star is close to being assembled. I've place the border fabrics next to the quilt top to get a feel for how it will look. I think I will be happy with this one!

I decided to take it out into the backyard to photograph and who did I catch in the act? The six young raccoons. As soon as they saw me it was time for the big skedaddle and up the wisteria they went. This little guy was having a difficult time getting his chubby little caboose off the ground and on the vine!

You can see the one kit at the bottom of the vine and another at the top. There were four others but they were already up the vine and on top of the arbor!

I looked to my right and there was mummsie rooting around looking for something delicious to snack on!

She could hear me but couldn't see me so I was able to get a few pictures. They are very cute, fluffy critter but they have sharp teeth so I kept my distance.

 I quickly tacked up Hexagon and Blue Star and took this picture to share with you.

The leaves are dropping like crazy but the Saskatoon bush is hanging on to the last few leaves. They are such a beautiful colour so I took a quick picture of them too!

All the while the young raccoons were on top of the arbor watching me so I took one more quick picture and decided to pack up my quilt and go in so that they could get on with their business.

So until I see you again, happy sewing!


  1. Funny to see them in the daytime. It is very unusual I did not think they would be out in daylight unless they were sick. The quilt is beautiful.

  2. Karen great pictures of the Raccoons they have flourished this year we have a family too and our Chihuahua is trying to tell them it is his backyard. Love the fabrics you picked for your borders of your Blue Hex quilt. Your wisteria must be ancient it is huge!!