Monday, October 7, 2013

Filling in the spaces of Lazy Punk and yet another tiny world pincushion

The quilting is going slowly on Lazy Punk. Drat! I've come to the conclusion that the quilting of the diamonds will be neater if I draw the quilting lines with my Frixion pen or water soluble marker rather than use the dot-to-dot method.

The diamonds that were dot-to-dot are not perfect but I'm not doing any reverse sewing. Once the entire quilt is quilted the imperfections will be diminished!

There are large areas for quilting where the cornerstones are situated. Need to do some thinking about how to fill them in! I was hoping to have this quilt finished for Wednesday but it is starting to look iffy.

Yesterday evening I was looking at the tiny world pincushion I made as a door prize for the retreat organized by my Guild. I really like the little pincushion and hate the idea of parting with it. So what's a quilter to do?  Make another! It was fast because I had a few houses and trees already made so all I had to do was the "world". This is another mug I found at the thrift shop. It is an old Japan mug and I just love the basket weave pattern. Isn't it unusual?

Here's a close-up of my house! In case you are wondering, I do use these little gems...they are working pincushions!

And here are the two of them together.

Many, many years ago my mom gave me this little tchotchke shoe. I don't know what it was meant to be, maybe a tiny planter, but I think it would be perfect for a tiny world pincushion. And what would I call it? Well that's easy....The Old Woman's House because when I was a little girl Mummsie told me that "there was an old woman who lived in a shoe" so this little shoe will be the starting point for a pretty little house. There are holes for shoelaces so I'll have to dig out some ribbon and lace the shoe up. Tonight I'll work on the house while I watch television! Stay tuned for the finished pincushion. It is small so the whole thing should come together quickly.

Time for a cuppa and back to marking Lazy Punk. So until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Holy crow those pincushions are cute, Karen! The shoe will be fantastic. Are there instructions anywhere, or did you just make them up?

    1. Hi Monica and thanks. The original pattern is from Mimi Kirchner. You will find it at It is a downloadable PDF pattern and I think it costs about $10US. Once you have the basics you can really get creative!

  2. that little boot is going to be so pretty!

  3. Your work is so wonderful as always.

  4. Love your quilt and quilting and those little pincushions are too adorable. I finally ordered the pattern. When I have some time after I move I will attempt one. Hmmm just when I tossed all my wool scraps as I cleaned out my sewing room. Lol.
    I will just have to buy more. Hugs bunny