Thursday, October 3, 2013

A beautiful day for pin basting a quilt

The sun was just streaming in through the stained glass in the window in my sewing room window (which probably could do with a bit of cleaning). It was a perfect day to pin baste the Lazy Punk quilt top.

And here it is on the table with pinning well underway.

When I pin I give some thought to where I'll place the pins. If you are familiar with how I quilt my large quilts you will know that I stitch in the ditch on all the major seam lines. In this case I will quilt on either side of the sashing in both directions so I am careful to place my pins so that they won't get in the way of that quilting.  I placed a pin in each propeller blade and another in the centre of the block.

After almost three hours the quilt is ready for quilting. I had hoped to get to it today but it is getting late so tomorrow I'll get started. Before I do I'll make the binding so that it will be ready to attach to the quilt when I reach that point.

My pin collection has outgrown its tin so I grabbed another tin that is slightly larger. I got it in Hershey Pennsylvania many years ago. I think it is sweet - I love the old timey advertising.

In the background you can see a poster which is also an old timey piece of advertising. I got that in Penzance Cornwall and I just looking at it, especially in the cold snowy winter months!

I've got a stack of quilts just waiting to be basted which means I'm going to need quit batts. Connecting Threads has a terrific sale on right now - 30% off! I ordered six Hobb's 80/20 batts and the shipping from the US to Canada was only $8! If you need batts now is the time to get them!

Before I go, here are another couple of embroideries from my miniature crazy quilt.

The little white flower is a trillium. It is the Ontario provincial flower.

Cattails made with a bullion stitch.
I'm told that cattails are edible in the spring and that they taste a little like asparagus.
That's it for today - I'm off to do some quilting! Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I enjoyed seeing your sewing room!

    1. It is a fairly small room but I've tried to make good use of the space. It is lovely and bright and very cozy. I love being in there working away on a quilt or the computer!