Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When the mouse is away the cat will play (on the new quilt)!

Hi everyone - it's me Forest Gumby! Karen has gone out for the day so I've got the place to myself. She finally washed Lazy Punk and threw it in the dryer. It is so soft and cozy. She folded it up and put it on the back of a chair....my chair. With a little poking and prodding I was able to try it out! I wish we could keep it!

So where is Karen? She has gone to pick up her big Rowenta iron from the repair shop.

Earlier this month Karen told you that the trigger broke. She called and Rowenta agreed to fix it even though it was a few days beyond the warranty period. The man at the repair shop told her that there is a design flaw in the trigger. It has a little plastic pin that tends to break. Karen was worried that this would be an ongoing problem so she wrote to Rowenta and asked what they proposed to do if the trigger goes again. Rowenta's customer service wrote back that they stand behind their products and that they will repair it if the trigger breaks again. Karen was very happy about that!

Time for a snack and a cat nap....maybe on Lazy Punk! So until Karen blogs again, have yourself a lovely day!


  1. Don't you just love cats. Forest Gumby is trying his best to get all of the quilt under him. They're very stubborn little creatures, but I guess that adds to their charm. Your quilt washed well - looks very cozy.

  2. no munching up and down with those sharp claws Gumby!

    I am jealous of your Mum and her friends. Washers and dryers in England would never be big enough for a quilt, maybe a small metre square one, but not a bed size.

  3. Beautiful cat AND quilt..love them, both!