Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's a mixed bag today!

Hello! Were you looking for me?

I had planned on posting yesterday but it was a very busy day so I'll play catch-up today! I took this picture of a mother raccoon. We have a weeping Nootka tree and she was up the tree with her six kittens. She was not at all happy to see me and made her position abundantly clear! I stepped back and they all quickly scooted down the tree, headed to the back of the yard, under the fence and across the neighbours yard. They were moving so fast that they were a blur! The only picture I could get was their tales and they headed under yet another fence!

I'm always finding colour inspiration in the world around me. While red and green are complementary colours (this means that they are opposite each other on the colour wheel), they can be Christmassy. Another equally exciting colour combination is green and orange. I was out in the front garden and saw a beetle on the dogwood shrub. Now wouldn't these colours make a great quilt? Different greens with just a little pop of orange.

I turned around and there was a mountain ash berry sitting on the giant false Solomon seal. The birds have been eating the berries like crazy and must have dropped this one. Again, what a lovely colour combination for a quilt...lots of lovely leafy greens with just a tiny pop of rosy orange!

So I told you I had an orphan Lazy Punk block and have been trying to decide what to do with it. The idea of a pillow is certainly very tempting.

A couple of friends who follow my blog are interested in making their own Lazy Punk quilts and ask me if I would demonstrate my methods that I wrote about on this blog. Yesterday I spent the morning demonstrating my Lazy Punk method and helping them play with their fabrics. This got me all fired up and excited so I think I'm going to have to make more Lazy Punk blocks! But I must finish the first Lazy Punk quilt. All of the diamonds are now quilted.

I've been debating how to fill the open spaces with the cornerstones. I've drawn lines that connect the diamonds and then match the curve of the arcs. I think I'll stitch on that line and then fill the space with swirls and curls and bubbles!

And I've finished the tiny world make-do pincushion in the olive and teal Japan mug. I am really pleased with it! I love all of the lavender flower along the path.

As you can see it is already in use!

Continuing with the tiny world theme, most of my pincushions are low level. I think it is time to go up! While out and about this morning we came across a yard sale and I managed to pick up a cast iron vase-like thing! It is going to be converted to a high rise tiny world pincushion!

My tiny world continues to grow and that makes me very happy! But it is time to get back to Lazy Punk. so until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. 6 kits! That is an unusually large litter. Around here we see two or three kits with the mother, but none since the spring, fortunately!

    What batting did you use in your Lazy Punk quilt - it looks quite fluffy in the photos today.

  2. I know - six kits is a lot. I rather thought the Mom had a haggard look about her. Must be from chasing after six active youngsters.

    I used Hobb's 80/20 batting which I purchase from when they have their 30% off sales. I just bought another six to add to the stash! The blocks do look quite puffy and I normally like a very flat quilt but am considering not quilting the blades in the blocks. I'll have to make the decision in the next day or two!