Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teepee and canoe, the man in the moon and another hexagon project

I've completed another tiny world make-do pincushion. I found this wonderful pottery dish at the local thrift shop. I liked the earthiness of this dish and thought it needed a pincushion with an outdoor theme.

So here it is.....a teepee and a canoe that are lakeside. This was a fun pincushion to make and it is my own design! I call it Teepee at M'Chigeeng. M'Chigeeng is a town and a lake on Manitoulin Island. It is the largest fresh water island in the world and it is located on one of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron.

Here is a close-up of the teepee and canoe.

I had promised to show you some close-ups of the hand quilting in A Pound of Stars. My camera and computer are co-operating (for the time being) so I was able to take some pictures. I started at the edge of the squares and simply quilted concentric squares until I got to the middle. I had no idea how to mark a quilt so this was a perfect solution!

Here you can see an even larger area which is made up of four squares. Rather than quilt them individual I quilted them as one large square.

In the ice cream cone border I quilted a crescent moon, Saturn, stars and in each corner the man in the moon.

Close-up of the man in the moon

Finally I've decided on just one more hexagon project. This one should be relatively quick and easy because it is entirely machine pieced with 4 1/2" hexagons and equilateral triangles. The quilt is in this lovely book. I don't normally make quilts from patterns but there are some lovely ideas in this book so I just couldn't resist. I'll put my own touches with colour selection and quilting!

The name of the quilt is Hexagon and Blue Star.

I have a nice pile of charm squares many of which are more along the line of reproduction fabrics and I think they will look great as large hexagons.

I've been through my stash and selected the background ad border fabrics.

I have had the lighter blue fabric for some time and I thought it would work well. It is a nice soft blue with a hint of green so it will work as a neutral and really show off some more colourful fabrics. I recently saw this striped fabric and decided it is the perfect inner border. I'll use only the blue stripe because I think the yellow and golds are a little more subtle and they add a nice highlight.

The first step will be to make the hexagon templates to make the cutting go a little faster. The second step will be to cut the border strips from the length of the fabric so I don't have to piece the border and from the leftovers I will cut the equilateral setting triangles.

Until I post again, why not keep me company and start another hexagon project?


  1. LOL, I love your teepee pincushion! There are so many fun things there, from the squat little dish to the lake and teepee and grasses. I don't know how you come up with such fun ideas! But maybe as you make them, more ideas come.

    No, thanks, I don't need any new hexagon projects. But I may look into finishing an old one!

  2. I'm with Monica on this one! I DARE not start another project, but I will happily plod along with my hexy stars as you gallop away with your new project!
    I was particularly interested in the quilt on the cover, as you have got me into appliquéing shapes. I'd like to see a flatter view if there is one?
    I did smile at that little teepee, please tell me you will be making a tiny squaw figure to peep out? :-D
    I did enjoy seeing the hand quilting on your quilt, if I was going to start another hand pieced project, I think it would be one like that, as I love the stars.

  3. Oh wow, I only just saw your teepee! So cute and the details! Just amazing, Karen!