Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn colours and quilting Lazy Punk

I love this time of year - the colours are glorious. The sumac is now changing colour and it is spectacular!

 The leaves seem to glow. They remind me of one of my quilts, Red Maple.

This week's theme is for the Quilting Gallery Show and Tell is Fall's Glory. I entered my quilt that was made with the One Block Wonder method. I had intended to keep Red Maple for myself but when I showed it to a friend he asked if he could have it and promptly folded it up and tucked it under his arm. What could I say but "yes". He is appreciative of anything handmade and I know that the quilt will be well cared for and loved. I know where he lives to I can go visit it any time I like! You can see all of the Fall's Glory quilts here. I entered my quilt just to show it to others and I've had a chance to win in the past so if you would like to vote please consider voting for other quilts. There are some stunners!

Yesterday I took the day off to visit a quilting friend who is recovering from knee surgery. That meant not much sewing got done. Bummer. But I was glad to see how well my friend is doing and I hope she'll be back in the saddle very soon!

The quilting of Lazy Punk is started and once I complete a few chores I can go really make some headway on it. I started by rolling up the right side of the quilt almost to the centre so that I could stitch in the ditch on either side of the sashing. Once that was stitched I could unroll a little more of the quilt and stitch in the ditch on the next sashing. I don't bother rolling the quilt on the left side for two reasons. I have a large table so I can spread it out and more importantly it is easier to manoeuvre the quilt if the portion to the left is flat. I then rolled up the left side and repeated the process. The quilt was rotated 180 degrees so I could stitch in the ditch on the remaining sashings.

They are all stitched in the ditch and the pins that were in the sashing are removed. This reduces the weight of the quilt which makes it easier to manipulate. I love the look of a quilt piled up like this!

The next step is to stitch all around each of the appliqués and again the pins will be removed. It is starting to flatten out. As I add more quilting the puffiness will disappear.

Once again I am struggling with how I'll fill in the empty spaces that are just gagging for some quilting. I'm using my blue water soluble marker to experiment with designs. This is one of them. I like this one because it will require virtually no marking at all and that is right up my alley....lazy alley! As always I'll keep you posted on my progress and what I finally decide to do!

I mentioned the glorious colours so I thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures of the slender sunflowers which are blooming like crazy!

And when I looked down I saw one lonely dandelion gone to seed. I think they are very pretty, especially hen the seeds take flight with their little silky white parachutes!

I even put a few dandelion fluffs in my quilt There's a Snail in Grandma's Flower Garden!

Right, time to do chores and then sew. So until I post again, happy sewing!

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  1. I absolutely ADORE that red quilt. I had no idea you had given it away. Now where was I when that happened? How come I was not at the front of the queue LOL I would have wrestled your friend to the ground to get there first ha ha
    Can you show the fabric you started off with, I am fascinated to see how you went about cutting from it. The quilt looks like you used many fabrics.
    Yes I love quilts all bunched up like that. Glad your friend is progressing well, how frustrating to be convalescing, at least she can still sew :-o