Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lazy Punk is quilted and I receive a new tote bag

Drum roll please! I am pleased to present Lazy Punk quilt, my lazy version of the Steam Punk quilt by Jennifer Kingwell. I explained my process starting on September 10th so if you are interested there are detailed instructions each day as I worked my way through the quilt. Here are a couple of pictures of Lazy Punk folded on the sewing table.


Here it is hanging in the garden. Notice the toile with skeletons in the setting triangles! Love it!

Lazy Punk, 2013

I really like the cornerstones that are just a little darker than the sashing. I didn't quilt the propellers at all and they have a little puff to them that I quite like because I think that is showcases the quilting!

All that remains to be done is bind Lazy Punk and then give it a good washing! Although I washed all of the blocks individually before cutting them to size there was some bleeding. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any more of that!!! I do have a couple of products that I will use in the wash to hopefully eliminate any problems!

As you may already know I participated in Lia's Secret Tote Bag Swap. I sent off my bag to Greece and my partner loved the Noodlehead 241 bag that I made for her. I was pleased! Today I received the bag from the swapper who had my name. This lovely bag was made by Michell and it came all the way from New Zealand!

In addition to the bag there were a few lovely little treats enclosed, a tissue holder (so pretty and I've never had one so this was a wonderful little surprise) and a couple of sets of tiny Moda squares.

Lia will no doubt organize another swap in the future and I'll be signing up for sure. If you don't already follow her blog not to worry - I'll be sure to let you know when the sign-up begins in case you are interested. It is really simple - you fill out an online form with your information and preferences in terms of colour and bag design. You create a little mosaic of the things you like and post the picture on the swap group that is set up on Flickr. The mosaic is intended to help your partner learn a little bit more about what you like. When the sign-up closes you receive an email with information about the person for whom you are to make a bag. You have no idea who has your name. You make your bag and mail it to your partner and at the same time the person who has your name will make and mail a bag to you. We post pictures of our progress on the Flickr group and people comment. It is so nice when you do something and your partner comments that she likes it but she has no idea it is for her! Great fun!

This morning I went outside and a Cooper's hawk landed on top of a spruce tree across the road!

Cooper's Hawk

I was quite far away and had to use my zoom. He could see me looking at him and didn't take his eyes off me for even one moment!

Then I went out back to have a look and the brugmansia is blooming like crazy. Mind you now that the days are so much shorter and cooler the flowers are much paler. But they are still very pretty! Each blossom is 8 to 10" long and they are fragrant at night.

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Lazy Punk, looks just excellent, Karen! The fabrics are beautiful, and the quilting is the cherry on top, I really like the dimensional feel to it. It looks so cozy! Good for you for getting a shot of that hawk, too, I never have my camera at the right time, lol.

  2. Another great quilt Karen - just fab! I love the way the quilting is on the back too - the propellers really stand out! And another lovely tote bag too - only 5 more to go and you will have a different bag for every day of the week ;) x