Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Challenging Year Revealed!

Have you any idea what the quilt will look like? Lia’s guess was in fact my inspiration, the four seasons. I am fascinated with the changes deciduous trees go through during the year.

The bare branches against a winter sky look like lace.

The delicate flowers in spring ….

bear juicy fruit in summer.

 As the days grow shorter there is a riot of colour that warms my heart.

But autumn winds blow and the leaves take flight.
The winter snow flies and the cherry tree takes a long winter nap!

The cherry tree through the seasons.
Transitioning from season to season.

The centre of the quilt where all four seasons converge.

And finally the entire quilt. I give you A Challenging Year!

A Challenging Year, 2004  28 ½” x 28 ½”
 I hope you enjoy this quilt! Until I post again, happy sewing!

A Challenging Year, Close-up


  1. It looks stunning! I love how much attention you pay to all these teeny, tiny details! I think I'm your biggest fan :D The colours are perfect! And I also loved how you picked a cherry tree, because it's so diverse!

    1. Thanks Lia! Cherry trees are so nice and they are going to be blooming here in the next week! What a spectacle! I can't wait for the fruit to come into season! YUM!

  2. Such beautiful detail - must have been such fun to sew. You have an amazing eye for detail!

    1. Thanks! I tend to focus on the little things so I started with a few flowers,branches and leaves and then realized if it was going to work I would have to do a lot more of them! I often say to myself "what the heck were you thinking?" But in the end it gives me such great pleasure!