Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A useful tool, the label on the owl and more teasers!

Do you ever have difficulty loosening screws on your machine when you want to remove the needle plate or change a foot? I find it awkward getting the little Janome screwdriver into small spaces and there no room for a long handled screwdriver.

When my machine comes home from servicing I often find that the technician has tightened screws too much and I can't turn them; and sometimes I do that myself. I told my brother about my problem and he got me this terrific little set of offset screwdrivers.
I can get leverage so that I can loosen the screws easily. I keep them in my sewing table drawer and they are a terrific little tool that works a treat!

I posted a picture of a curio.....a little metal owl. I suspect it was made in Hungary and that it is an oil lamp. A picture is posted under the tab Curios. I've heard from a couple of people who agree with my assumptions but they wanted to see a close-up of what was left of the label on the bottom. I took a picture and here it is. Can any of you tell me what it might say? The word "Alajos" means "Louis". Beyond that I'm not sure what the label might tell me.

And now a few more teasers from my quilt "Flora and Fauna, Parts of a Garden".

The brown is the earth. I used a light coloured thread to quilt the roots and also the tunnels for the ants. If you look closely you can see the ants in the tunnels!

A yellow butterfly made from an aster.

A red butterfly made from a red rose on a black background. The print is from Northcott's Romancing the Rose.

And finally a praying mantis made from an aster leaf!

Can you imagine what the wall hanging looks like? Tune in tomorrow for a few more teasers! I'm getting close to revealing the finished quilt!

And don't forget to got through your quilts. If you have one made of just squares and rectangles why not enter it in Quilting Gallery's Show and Tell . Works in progress can also be entered! For more infomration click here. I'll be a guest judge this week!

Until I post again, happy sewing!

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