Sunday, April 28, 2013

Family Day at Faeries and Fibres!

I'm working away on my baskets and nine patches. It is bound. I'm quilting the nine patches and then it will time to figure out what will go inside the feathered wreaths in the solid squares. Come on inspiration....don't fail me now! I think I'm going to have to do some doodling tonight. All suggestions are welcomed!

I come from an artsy craftsy family. Dad was a painter and woodworker (and an inveterate fixer of all things even if they weren't broken)! My brother does fine woodwork including wood turning, instrument making and watercolour paintings. Mom quilts, embroiders and does assorted crafts. And she makes the BEST apple pie in the world! Daughter is a knitter and right now is hooked on knitting lace. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her work but I do have some pictures of work by Mom, Dad and Brother.

One of Mom's favourite quilts that she has made is heavily embroidered on flour sack type cotton and it is called "Nostalgia". There is a lovely story that goes with this quilt and I plan to tell you that story in a future post but for now you'll just have to be happy with a few lovely little pictures!

 Bees are my Mom's trademark

My brother has started making musical nstruments. He has a long list of what he wants to make. Today I am sharing a picture of his dulcimer. I love the sound of this reminds me of summer and the outdoors.

Close-up of the rose he carved for dulcimer

He also likes to turn wood on his lathe. He makes beautiful pens and peppermills but he also likes to turn impossibly small things. The little pot with lid, cup and bowl are about 1/2" tall. He ground the turquoise and mixed it with epoxy. He then turned the entire piece on the lathe so that the cup has a ring of blue and the blow is lined with blue. Notice the tiny little knob on top of the pot!

Finally I would like to show you our pub sign made for us by our Dad a few years before he died. He was from Penzance, Cornwall and pubs are a key feature of life in that part of the world. We like to sit out on the patio in the jungle we call a garden and sup a pint of London Pride (wish we could get some St. Austell ales) or some other fine ale. So Dad made us this pub sign which we hung on the patio for several years. After Dad died we decided to bring in indoors to protect it from the elements. We cherish this pub sign!

I hope you've enjoyed this little mini show and tell.

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I was right, you do come from a family of artists! Very creative and great work. I hope you will show more in the future. And please tell your mum, that her bees are just as adorable and perfect as her birds :)

  2. What a treat to see all that creativity! Thanks for posting. I agree those bees are very special!