Saturday, April 13, 2013

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

Fussing cut fabric makes an ordinary block extraordinary. The entire block can be fussy cut as in these examples

or just one component of a block. A piece of fussy cut fabric strategically placed will create an impressive block. The two examples below are very pretty little 3” nine patches but the one on the right is in my opinion a little more charming because of the leaf in the centre, or more or less in the centre! I don’t worry about images being dead nut centre but rather more or less somewhere in the vicinity of centre! Once the block is in the quilt you won’t notice that it isn’t centered!

There are several blocks that are fussy cut in my quilt There’s a Snail in Grandma’s Flower Garden (see my April 5 post for a full size image of the quilt). This is the snowshoe fabric that was fussy cut. The showshoes measure just under 1".

And here are some of the hexagon diamonds with fussy cut snowshoes!

I also used the snowshoes to make the dragonfly wings!

Quilting Gallery’s Show and Share voting is open until Monday at 6:00 pm EST so if you would like to vote for my quilt There’s a Snail in Grandma’s Flower Garden I hope you’ll pay the site a visit and cast your ballot here.

Lastly here is little curio from my collection. I have no idea what it is but I suspect it was made in Hungary. The label on the bottom is in rough shape but I can make out the word “ALAJOS”. The crest of the owl can be removed and it has a long dipper. Clearly something is missing; the little bit of chain at the front should be attached so something but what? I wonder if this was some sort of little oil lamp. Does anyone have any ideas what this is, where it was made and when it might have been made? If so leave a comment or send me an email; I would love to hear from you!
Well that's about it for today! Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Hi fellow Torontonian, I just voted for you. Your quilt is simply gorgeous and the borders are amazing. Hope you win.

    1. Thanks Bunny! I had so much fun making this one, especially hiding all sorts of critters and things in the border!
      Karen H

  2. I'm going right back to Quilting Gallery and vote for your quilt. It is beautiful! (That's how I found your blog.) I loved seeing the close-ups. I love EPP, too, and am in a class using them right now. You will now be on my blog list. Come visit me!