Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Partial Seam Tutorial, Nine Patch Quilt with Baskets and one more curio

I’ve posted a new tutorial on partial seams. The tutorial demonstrates this simple technique along with instructions for the simple 9” block shown above. The concept of a partial seam can be applied to a blocks that appear to have a piece that is set in. I hope the tutorial is fun and informative. I used this technique in a block of the month pattern that I did for my Guild. My inspiration for the patterns is Canadian art. Maurice Cullen’s The Bird Shop, St. Lawrence Street was the inspiration for this pattern. I’ve posted the pattern and a write up about Cullen under the Block of the Month tab. Enjoy!

I may have already mentioned that I am hooked on 3” nine patch blocks and have made thousands of them over the years. This humble block is made up of nine squares.

By simply changing the placement of light and dark the blocks become more interesting.
 Fussy cut one square and put it in the centre to create even more interest!

Try setting them on point for yet another look.
Directional prints such as stripes or bits of border prints add yet another dimension.
Nine patch blocks are in my view a perfect block for beginner and experienced quilter alike. The construction is simple but they can be made to look more complex through fabric choice and fabric placement. They are beautiful and there are endless possibilities for turning them into a quilt!
There are literally hundreds of nine patch blocks in my stash and I add more blocks every time I sew! Recently I did a demo at my Guild. I showed the members how to build a nine patch stash and I went home all fired up! Isn’t it funny how sharing with others can renew your excitement! Anyway, I pulled out my stash of nine patches and promptly made three quilt tops! It barely put a dent in the pile of nine patches! This is the first of the three quilt tops.

It is based on an antique quilt. I drafted a pattern based on 3” blocks. I selected blocks made in muted colours to give the quilt a aged feeling. A border of baskets on three sides finished the top. I experimented a little and was able to come up with a simple way to construct the basket blocks. I used my homemade spray starch on the fabrics and that ensured that the blocks were precise. I like to have at least one complex element in a quilt and since the main part of the quilt is relatively simple I think that the baskets add the right amount of intricacy and they contrast nicely with the humble nine patches.

And now it is pinned and ready for quilting! I really like the softness of this quilt but think it would be striking made up in bright, modern, vibrant prints!

And now for a curio. What the heck is it? It looks like it was at one time attached to something but what? I found it at an antique sale – I was buying a pitcher and and asked the price if this "thing" and the man threw it in for free. I absolutely love the birds and berries motif and think it would be a starting point for an applique piece. If you have any ideas as to what it is, please post a comment and let me know! Or just take a guess as to what it might be!
That’s it for today. Time to get cracking on that nine patch with baskets quilt. So until I post again I leave you with one more close-up of Flora and Fauna. Happy sewing!

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