Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Flora and Fauna teasers before the reveal!

I’ve had so much fun exploring my quilt Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden. This morning while sorting through the pictures for today’s post I found something hiding in the garden, something I had forgotten! Contrary to what I had previously said, there is in fact one snail hiding in this garden!
The snail

In addition to the three challenge fabrics (long stem red roses on a black background, bright turquoise with metallic dragonflies and pink, purple and orange asters on a white background) the rules allow for six fabrics additional fabrics. The six I added were a light blue for the sky, a brown print for the earth, three green prints (I used a pale green for the border and the other two for leaves) and the sixth was a busy print on a buttery colour background.

Six added fabrics
The three added greens

Many of the flowers, leaves, berries, butterfly bodies and grasshopper bodies were cut from the busy fabric with the buttery background.

I love the chickadees; there are four of them and they measure 2 ½” from head to tail. I used the black background from the roses, the white background from the asters (there are some areas where I caught a bit of the mauve from the asters because the white areas just weren’t very large) and I used some of the buttery background from my sixth fabric for their creamy little bellies.

And here are the last of the teasers!
Leaves fussy cut from the buttery fabric
Butterfly cut from aster fabric
Another butterfly from aster fabric
Strawberries and leaves fussy cut from buttery fabric - the berries are crawling with ants!

Background is one of the challenge fabrics
Well maybe just one more teaser! That buttery colour fabric I used for all the berries and leaves and critters? I just love it for fussy cuts and have made two other quilts with the fabric. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did with the fabric! So much fun!


That’s it until the reveal tomorrow! My sewing machine beckons so until I post again, happy sewing!

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