Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools' Day

It is freezing and the wind is blowing like crazy - not a nice April Fools' Day joke! But the sun is shining and warmer days are on the way....fingers crossed!

Two weeks ago I pinned this quilt top. I really like the look of modern, vibrant prints used in traditional blocks but they aren't my colour pallette so it is a bit of a struggle. The block was designed by Nancy Cabot in 1938 and it was reinterpreted in a very scrappy variation by Setsuko Inagawa of Japan. Her quilt has inspired many others to make their own version. Just search on “Japanese x and +” for some really lively quilts! I've alternated the x block with another but I can't recall the name of the block. I've repeated an orange striped fabric in each block to add control, interest and movement.
The quilting is well underway. Now I have to decide what juicy colours to add next! Decisions, decisions, decisions! Maybe a little bit of each!


  1. Wow - how colorful - I really like the pattern it makes. I also love that stained glass you have in the window.