Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fussy cutting hexagons made easy - a new tutorial is coming!

Fussy cutting fabric simply means cutting your fabric in such a way that you capture a motif or part of a motif within the patch. Fussy cutting just one image and surrounding it with patches that aren't fussy cut will make for an interesting block. This technique works with all types of blocks. I use it extensively in my nine patches and in my hexagons.

In this block I've centred a goose and it is framed by a border of brown patches that aren't fussy cut.

Fussy cutting the six hexagons creates a kaleidoscopic effect. In the following blocks the outer hexagons were fussy as were the centres.

Fussy cutting the outside patches only is also an option. Carefully selected areas of the fabric can produce interesting results.

Sometimes it happens that I don't have enough of one fabric to make six outer hexagons. In this situation I'll cut three and then find another print that works with it and cut another three for the circle of hexagons.

In the example above I had a Moda scrap bag and I was only able to cut three of the blue and brown motifs so I looked for another fabric that would work with it for the remaining three hexagons. And from a third fabric I fussy cut the centre which is a little askew but I can live with it!

When I fussy cut I want some idea of what the patch (not necessarily the block) will look like so I create little tools to make the task fun and easy. I make two templates and use them for a variety of purposes! And here they are:

The don't look high tech but they work like a charm and best of all, the price is right! They are free! I'm writing up a tutorial on how to make these templates and how to use them to fussy cut fabric and to cut multiple hexagons at once. If all goes as planned it will be posted tomorrow. So please stay tuned!

Many years ago my friend Barbara went to Israel and she was looking for fabric to bring back as a gift for her quilter friends. She couldn't find a quilt shop so she brought us each back a linen serviette (napkin). Mom (Anne H) embroidered hers with a pair of purple finches and she gave it to me. I had a lovely gold fabric so I added some borders and then hand quilted. The finished quilt measures 19" square. I thought I would share the quilt with you today.

Purple Finches by Karen H and Anne H

And this is what is blooming in the garden this morning, the chocolate vine!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Love the finches your Mom embroidered. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of your Mom's embroidery and remembered my Stump work books I want to learn.. Must get them out today and do some reading and practice. Love your hand quilting too.

    1. Stump work is so beautiful. I too have a couple of books and was thinking I would like to learn how to do my spare time! And as always, thanks for the kind words!