Thursday, June 13, 2013

Responding to Kath's questions, more hexagon fun and some of my favourite things!

Kath posted a comment asking what type of glue I use with my hexagons. I am in Canada and I use a variety of glues including UHU sticks, LePage Glue Sticks and Grand & Toy Glue sticks. Dollar store glue sticks don’t work for me.

To use the glue I barely touch the centre of the hexagon paper with the glue stick; all that is needed is the thinnest film, not a clump of glue. This is will hold the paper in place. So little glue is used that the papers are just lightly tacked to the fabric and I find that as a result of the handling when sewing them together they usually just pop out when the basting thread is removed. On the odd occasion when a bit of paper does get stuck I just dampen it with a little spit since it is always at hand and I never have to go looking for it. If you prefer you can use a cotton swab dipped in water. Let it sit for five to ten seconds and then use the blunt end of a pin or darning needle and the paper just peels.

Kath also wrote that she is reluctant to use pins but for small hexagons I often use applique pins since they are very tiny (about 1/2" long) so they don't get in the way. I’ve said it more than once: do what works best for you!

1/2" hexagon pinned to fabric

If you decide to applique hexagons one of the things I do before removing the papers from the outside edge is press the motif with a hot iron and a little spray starch. The hexagons will be nice and flat for what comes next and the raw edges will stay turned under.

Hexagon appliqued to background

I have two more hexagon ideas for you. Do you recall this picture of one of the Turtle Girl twins out in the garden sewing? Look at what she was using as a footstool - my hexagon pincushion!
One of the Turtle Girl twins in the garden

I have some in progress so I'll try to remember to post pictures of how I make these large pincushions!
Large hexagon pincushion

On the back I have a single fabric with a large lovely print! Large pincushions are very handy (especially for putting up your feet)!

Reverse side of large hexagon pincushion

I’ve also made a pincushion/needle keep with the hexagons.

They are like little books with spare needles and pins on the inside (on the left) and the top works as a pincushion (on the right).
It is an overcast rainy day so it is a good day for sewing. In going through my pictures I found this one of two of my lads. Even they like hexagons - see the papers and threads on the left? Sadly my ginger Otis is no longer with me but I love this picture because it shows some of my favourite things....hexagons and Otis. To my daughter who reads this blog: you are at the top of my favourites list but you aren't in the picture!
Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Looking forward to the tutorial on making the large pin cushions. I have lots of hexagons.
    Turtle girl looks pretty happy sitting with her feet up and taking in the garden.

  2. great tips once again- Thanks Karen!