Friday, June 7, 2013

Orange Crush (the pattern) and more fun with hexagons!

Yesterday I wrote about my quilt Orange Crush. Jenny posted a comment and asked about the set in seam in Block B. I did a Y seam using the method outlined in my Y seam tutorial which you will find under the tab "Tutorials and Tips". And there were loads of lovely comments and emails from other readers so I plan on writing up a pattern for Orange Crush and I’ll publish it under the tab “Patterns by Karen H”. The pattern is in the works so I’ll let you know when it is up!

Orange Crush Close-up

Today I thought I would do a quick lesson on having more fun with foundation paper piecing hexagons. You can take a simple hexagon and make it more interesting by piecing on paper. If you are new to my blog you can get the basic information by reading my posts from the last week.
To make a star we use this template which I call Supernova. This is a 1” hexagon and the order of piecing is numbered in green.


 Six hexagons plus a centre makes this!

If we divide the Supernova star point in half we have a hexagon that looks like this! Again the order of piecing is numbered in green.


Six hexagons plus a centre makes this!

Another variation is to take the Supernova template and add a piece to the hexagon where it touches the centre hexagon. The order of piecing is in green.

Six hexagons plus a centre makes this!


I’m not done yet; I have many more hexagon ideas to share with you so do stay tuned! In the meanwhile I have plenty to occupy myself including finishing this month’s Block of the Month pattern. So I’ll leave you with a few snaps taken out in the garden just a few minutes ago. It rained yesterday so everything is lovely and green!
Until I post again, happy sewing!

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  1. your hexagon tutorials are great! never done anything with hexagons really, at least not with the whole sewing together by hand thing, but seeing all these awesome ways of creating different patterns and shapes with them really tickles my fingers!