Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Block of the Month and Cherry Blossom Quilt

Today I've put up the next Block of the Month pattern and it was inspired by this untitled painting which hangs in my home. The Block of the Month tab needs some tidying up so that is on my to do list. I am learning as I go so please bear with me!

I love this painting which I purchased it at a garage sale for a few dollars about fifteen years ago. Taped to the back of the painting is a clipping with a picture from 1971 of Mrs. Murphy at age 89.

I have no how old Mrs. Murphy was when she painted the lovely scene. It isn’t perfect; the perspective is wrong but to me it is the happiest of paintings! Look at the man in the wagon waiving at the man cutting the grass! Doesn't it make you smile?

I can’t tell you anything about Mrs. Murphy. I wonder what inspired her to paint this scene. Was it pure imagination or a scene from her girlhood? Did she hang the painting in her home, give it as a gift or sell it? I just don’t know. And this made me think about my quilts, most of which have a label on the back with the name of the quilt, my name and the date. Sounds a lot like Mrs. Murphy’s painting! Fifty years from now will one of my quilts show up at a quilt guild meeting and the new owner will say she bought it at a garage sale for few dollars! She’ll say she loves the quilt but all she knows about the quilt is its name, my name and the date it was made! If the quilt like Mrs. Murphy’s painting gives joy and pleasure to others maybe that’s enough!

I used this painting as my inspiration for this month’s block of the month pattern. I selected a block that would have been used to make the type of quilt that one would find on a bed in a farm house like the one is the painting!

This block is fast and easy to make and it makes great use of scraps! I think it would be nice finished with a simple sashing and a nice wide border! I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Today I am going to work on a nine patch quilt that I call Cherry Blossom. It will eventually become a free pattern. I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow. This quilt is made with 3" pink nine patch blocks and red nine patch blocks. There are a few yellows and oranges tossed in for a little sparkle. This is going to be a pretty summer quilt! Here's a little teaser.

Until I post again, happy sewing! 

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