Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another teacup pincushion

I just finished a new tiny world make-do teacup pincushion. The basic idea is taken from a pattern by Mimi Kirchner.  I had a teacup with an outdoorsy feel so I wanted to make a log cabin in the woods.

I found a sweater at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop. It was brand new with the original price tags still attached. It very shaggy and it reminded me of dried grasses. It cost a few dollars so I bought it!

And while snooping through one of my Mom's sewing drawers I found these tiny deer. The perfect finishing touch!

So here it is, my Log Cabin Teacup Pincushion!
My newest Tiny World Make-do Pincushion


The original pattern doesn't call for a chimney but I've been making them for most of my houses because I think it adds a little extra something. Another addition not in the pattern is all of my trees have little brown trunks! There isn't a lot of room for pins but I don't care! I like my little pincushion and I think it will be very happy in the tiny world that I am building!
Yesterday there was a neighbourhood yard sale and I found another pretty little teacup. I think it might just be turned into a pretty pincushion with  a pastel cottage!
I've got do do some quilting for my Mom today so there are no hexagons today but in the next few days I'll have more ideas for you to try out! Right now Mom's African wall hanging beckons. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.
I'll leave you with some pictures from the garden.
Gas Plant

Gas Plant Close-up

Bearded Iris

Yellow Flag (a pond plant)

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. OMG! *squeals* the pincushion turned out soooo cute!!!! *squeals again* I'm in love with it! Seriously!

    1. So in addition to hexagons and nine patches I am quickly becoming addicted to these little teacup pincushions! They really are so much fun to make!

  2. Wow Karen that tea cup is sooo grassy. I never imagined it would look that great. I might just need a piece. The flowers in the garden are looking lovely. Is the rain the answer?

    1. I clipped the grass on either side of the path because it was rather "hairy"!
      I think the rain and the hot snap did the trick! Mind you the flowers don't last as long when it is hot!

  3. That sweater looks so much better as a tea cup pin cushion than it did as a piece of clothing! And it's easy to see why those wee pin cushions are so addictive - each one is a mini work of art.