Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pincushions, Glue and Secret Tote Bag Swap

Hello! So glad you dropped by for a visit!

A trip to the Thrift Store on Thursday and my sewing room is now chock-a-block with cups, saucers and mugs that I will use to add to my growing collection of Tiny World Make-Do Pincushions. Among the finds was a pair of small gold cups without saucers.

I love the rich warm golden colour so immediately got started making the worlds to fit inside them.

You can see just how small they are next to a cup and saucer!

I’m going to have to draft a pattern for houses that are a little smaller than those that I’ve made on my cups and saucers so that the scale is right!

When putting the tiny world together strong glue that will bond ceramic is required and my friend recommended Gorilla® Glue. She told me how to use it and loaned me her bottle. After gluing some cups and saucers I returned the glue and went out to get some for myself.

While I was waiting in line I read the packaging to pass the time and much to my surprise the glue is water activated!

Who knew? I guess there’s something to be said for reading the instructions first. Oh well, at least the glue worked without water!

I signed up for a Secret Tote Bag Swap organized by Lia. This weekend I plan on working on the tote bag for my partner. She likes insects so I am using a lovely linen rayon blend fabric with a floral print with flowers, birds and butterflies. I plan on appliqueing all sorts of insects! Here is a sneak peak of what I am doing!

 Broderie perse butterfly

Green cricket

It’s a short post today because I’ve got lots to do! I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the garden taken earlier today!


Saskatoon berries ripening (oh yum)!

Last of the forget-me-nots and a caterpillar

Until I post again, happy sewing!

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  1. I guess that friend should learn to read labels.
    I didn't clap items glued either. However, it does a great job of putting two things together, forever.
    Love the golden tea cups..